Faith Outreach Ministries

 Welcome ... Glad you are here! Come and Let us Worship the Lord Together!


 Let us make our statement of Faith, and let you know exactly what we believe here at the ministry! We believe in Jesus ... He is the Alpha and the Omega... The Begining and The End! He was born of a virgin,and He brought us the name of the Father, He was beaten for our sins and transgressions... and by His stripes we are healed! He was crucified and rose from the dead in three days! He is our soon coming King, and at the name of Jesus... every knee will bow!


********Miracle Valley Worship Center********


Faith Outreach Ministries with Pastor and Prophet Doug Robinette, is serving the Lord and fulfilling his calling at Miracle Valley Worship Center in Lerona, WV.

Pastor Doug and First Lady Mary, have brought forth the message and shared the love of Jesus, at Miracle Valley for 16 years! They are proud to be the leaders of a ministry team ... of anointed pastors and teachers that is taking the message of Jesus Christ to their community and to the world!


 I invite you to browse through the ministries website. Join in for worship on the Miracle Valley page... Hear a word from the Lord with Pastor Sandy, visit our India page, and see what the Lord is doing in India, and enjoy the pictures of our orphan children there in India! We will be adding new pages, and links in the coming days! Now let me share a fresh  word, thought or scripture with you below.... Hope you enjoy... Pastor Doug


 The thoughts I have today, all started with scripture from Acts 2:17 ... And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prohesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.

In this day and time makes you wonder... what happened? Did God change His mind, and have a respect of people? Has He only allowed the first church era to see the glory that is poured from His Spirit? I really do not think it is God, for His Word teaches us that God does not change, and that He does not have a respect of people... what He has  done for one generation, He will do for another! So where is the signs following the believers? I have seen the glory of God, working in the ministry... I have watched with my own eyes, as Jesus grew fingers back on the hand of a young boy, that was born without them.... fingernails and all! He is Awesome!I seen people completely delivered from Cancers. He even allowed me to see the dead raised! I know without a shadow of doubt that He is still the Healing Jesus, the Delivering Jesus, He still brings Resurrection to the dead! He still gives miracles to those who will dare to believe in the power of His Name. I know I have a powerful group of people here at the ministry, that not only believes but know that Jesus will move in the darkest of situations. He will make the crooked paths, straight again... Will you dare to believe with us? We are here to go into agreement with you, we want to pray with the midst of your darkest problems..


Contact us and let us pray for you! Email us at Faithoutreach at . I looked forward to hearing from you, and long for Him to pour out of His Spirit just for you .... Pastor Doug


 Hehehehe ... I love smacking the devil... with the Word of God!